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Privacy Policy

We are serious about your privacy

Strict Anonymity
Other than instances where we have a relationship with a Web user, does not know or maintain the names, telephone numbers, home addresses or e-mail addresses of Internet users to whom we deliver impressions on behalf of our clients.

We collect data for reports on clients’ program performance (e.g., aggregate number of impressions delivered, number of click-throughs, etc.) to enable and our clients to analyze and optimize their online programs.

For general reporting purposes on’s overall ad serving performance and capacity, we may report the total number of impressions delivered on behalf of all clients for a specific time period, with no reference to individual clients or programs.

Web Site Privacy Policies
Our clients retain the sole and exclusive right to use any data, which they have obtained through explicit permission from an Internet user, for example, if a customer provides an e-mail address to receive information and updates. We rely on our clients' consumer privacy policies, as well as the privacy practices of the publisher sites included in each program.

We urge consumers to check the privacy policy of a site before they do business with that site regarding:

a. What personal information is collected about a Web user
b. How that information is used
c. With whom the information may be shared
d. What options are available to Web users regarding the accumulation, use and distribution of the information
e. What security procedures are in place to protect the data
f. How a Web user can correct inaccuracies in the data

At this time we do not use cookies, which software tracks the destination or use of a particular browser.

E-mail and children
Our clients must ensure that they will comply with all laws and regulations concerning any e-mail addresses that are protected by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"). If our clients have e-mail programs for children under 13 years old, the clients must guarantee that they have verifiable, parental consent that is in full compliance with COPPA regulations.

Hotdot security plan details

We urge consumers to check the privacy policy of a company before they participate in that company's program regarding:

Personal information: name, address, contact information, billing information, originating and estimation delivery information, mailing account information, return ratio, purchase frequency, preferred styles of art visited and purchased, artists pages visited, and email addresses

Methods gathered: submission by customer including signing up for newsletters, entering contests, completing surveys, purchasing works, phone correspondence, online correspondence and the like.

Security procedures are in place to protect the data: the data is stored in an encrypted state(s) using up-to-date technology and processes which are not disclosed for security.

How that information is used: The information is used for customer correspondence, opt-in delivery of marketing communication, provided to member company's for processing customer orders. Analyzing web usage and navigation behavior.

With whom the information may be shared:
While may share personal information with any party which there is clear informed consent or request by the owner of that information, we use the information in a manner prescribed when the information was collected, this provides a trail of consent. Information may be shared in part or in whole to conduct routine business on behalf of Hotdot and the customer. Information will be delivered to law authorities when provided a subpoena, or in cooperation with an investigation of fraud or other felony level investigation request if the information is material.

How a Web user can correct inaccuracies in the data: Duplicate,incomplete, obsolete or otherwise inaccurate data may request action to remove or correct inaccuracies by contacting by email and requesting desired correction and supplying correct information. also send email requests to be removed from opt-in marketing, or customer database, except to the extent used for tracking past purchase information.







n 1: a state that is calm and tranquil [syn: peaceableness] 2: the absence of mental stress or anxiety [syn: peace, peace of mind, repose, serenity, heartsease, ataraxis]

Source: WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University


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