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  Orders canceled sales tax is located in the san francisco bay area, california, us. we collect 8.25% sales tax on orders from and/or delivered to california.

Payment options

Online ordering & payment: yes currently accepts PayPal online which accepts a full range of credit cards and direct payments including from your bank account. Paypal offers additional services to accounts which receive a "verified status"."Verified" means that you have a paypal account which you have followed their procedure and verified your information. Once you account is verified, you may purchase items costing greater than their initial limit of $2,000. We recommend opening and verifying an account with paypal in advance to facilitate online orders and prevent delays in receiving an order.

email or phone ordering & pay by credit card: yes

You may order by phone or email and pay by credit card. Call sales at 831-239-9656 to place an order and pay with a credit card.

email or phone ordering & send mall payment: yes

If you are paying by mail , you need to call us and arrange a mail payment option for your work to be placed on reserve status. reserve status may be only available for residents in the US and Canada for 3 days .Payment by mail must be prearranged and approved by hotdot, just give us a call and our sales department will be happy to assist you. Check and Money  Orders must be denominated in U.S. dollars .Hotdot will give you an order code, total cost including tax and shipping. Include the total cost on your check or money order. Please include an email address and phone number to both the ordering & delivering entity so we can process your order in the shortest time.

hotdot ordering and payment limitations

All orders which pay with a form of payment which does not immediately transfer funds, enter a waiting period untill the funds clear. When funds clear,every effort is made to ship your order in a timely manner. Some of the works we offer may be at art shows and are for sale there as well. It is possible, though rare, that works which you purchase, may not be available when we receive payment, if this happens you will immediately receive a 100% refund of all costs.We update our inventory on a daily basis to reduce this chance. If you order and pay online, it is faster and easier to reverse and order. We reserve the right to refuse and or end any transaction with full refund.

Secure online shopping technology

Only and our business partners share a buyer's credit information to facilitate orders. It's a fact that it is far safer, statistically, purchasing online, than in a retail department store. and commerce partners, including paypal and CafePress, use secure technology that uses strong encryption.To tell if you are in a secure transaction, the lock on the bottom right of most browsers, changes to indicate a locked state or position.

Contact the is happy to receive questions at

For pressing issues, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at tel. 831-239-9656 will be happy to assist you.

Looking..but I can't find the work I want updates available work daily. if you are looking for something new email us at We will see if we can find it for you. Also consider joining our newsletter which includes announcements of new work we offer. Special orders are no problem.

if you would like a work in a different size or subject? We specialize in and are happy to arrange a special order for commissioned works with the artist. A down payment is required and terms apply. Please Contact us for details.

Cancel an order

We reserve the right to cancel an order with or with our explanation. generally this will occur because a work is accidentally damaged, the work is sold at show before the site can be updated, or for some unforeseen problem. If payment was made you will receive a 100% refund of the full purchase price. limited guarantee

If you are unhappy with any item for any reason, you can return it within 48 hours of delivery and receive a refund, minus shipping charges. Between 3 and 7 days you may return it and will receive a prompt refund, minus a 20% restocking fee. We take great care in getting great art to our buyers. Just repack your art work in new, undamaged and re saleable condition, in the original packaging it was shipped in. email to obtain the appropriate return address. Repeat returns are subject to a 20% stocking fee.

Please DO NOT return artworks to the hotdot office mailing address, delivery will not be accepted.

Custom/special orders

For obvious reasons, custom and special orders are not refundable. However, we can resell them for you. Our standard commission fee is based upon the final sales price. More information, please contact us at.

Orders Canceled by Hotdot

For various reasons, reserves the right to cancel or reverse orders if need to. Obviously our emphasis is providing great art, but you never know when the unexpected will crop up, or need to fix a process. We exercise flexibility to remain viable in the marketplace and competitive with the products we can offer.


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Shipping to different location other than billing address

Most times you can indicate an address during the collection of billing information in the cart. in some cases, you may need to enter the request in the comments area while you are checking out which instruct us to override the default, which is the billing address. Quoted shipping is for US markets, you will need to contact us for international shipments at

Delivery Time

Many orders can usually be packed and shipped within 3-5 days, especially reproductions. Delivery time of 2 weeks or so, can be expected for original work, to provide time for time for packing specialists to protect and carton your work for delivery. You will be notified if it takes longer. Many times, the time will be shorter. Also, please check on the site page the work is on, to read any comments regarding Delivery time which may be an exception of this outline.

Delivery of commissioned works include the time it take to create a work, plus the usual shipping time after completion. will provide updates of the projected delivery time frame upon request.

Shipping rates

Our rates are very close estimates based on the percentage of the sales price, which is how the paypal cart process the shipping charge and displays it to you prior to finishing an online order.The range is:

artwork priced at $0.01 - 49.00, is a rate of 24.00%
artwork priced at $50- 159, is a rate of 13.7%
artwork priced at $160 - 950, is a rate of 10.0%
artwork priced at $1200.00 + , is a rate of 7.00%.

international customers pay the cost of any fees or tariffs. You will be responsible for as low as fee as is reasonably arranged. We care that you receive works in the very best and new condition.

Damaged delivery

oops! When the unfortunate happens, please e-mail for instructions. Shipments are insured and we will help you return the work to the proper address, and assist you in getting a full refund, or a substitution piece of like art, at your desire and based on availability. Re-wrap the art in the original packaging materials and follow the instructions you receive for return delivery ASAP and will not cost you any more.

Please DO NOT return artworks to the hotdot office mailing address, delivery will not be accepted.

We will ship an equivalent replacement to you at no extra charge if and as soon as possible, or you will be reimbursed for your purchase, as is suitable.

Our Business partners

Hotdot offers the services of other highly regarded companies in order to provide you with a good range of quality products based on original art. Each company will have it's own policies regarding ordering, shipping and delivery. Please forward questions to the appropriate customer service or sales people in their respective companies.



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