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Media Made Easy

Hotdot provides a wide variety of internet and related services. From graphic design to code, from photography to domain services, Hotdot has the experience necessary to insure your project a success. Feel free to read more here, or visit our portfolio, where our work speaks for itself.

Identity and Branding

Strong brands = successful companies. It is absolutely necessary that your company's brand starts strong, and stays strong. Good design, coupled with complete consistency is the key to maintain the essence of your business and products. Hotdot offers a wide variety of services including logo and brand creation, maintenance, extensions and other identity solutions.

Flash Development

Flash content is quickly emerging as the new way to communicate over the internet. As users expect a more media rich experience, much like their televisions, no one can doubt that the days of static user interface and stale presentation are quickly coming to a close. At the forefront of Flash technology, let Hotdot show you how we can bring your web site, application, or your kiosk display come to life. view portfolio

HTML Development

Information. There's more than enough to go around. Today, the web has become the medium for information presentation and gathering. Let us show you how decades of experience allows Hotdot to rapidly translate any design into the language of the world wide web. view portfolio


Business cards? Letterhead? Yea, the web has yet to fully eliminate these materials from our day to day lives. Weather it's pixels or stained crushed wood fiber pulp, you'll find the same quality and attention to detail in our print services that you've come to expect from our digital services. view portfolio

Application Development

Need more than just a web site? Talk to us. We know what it takes to pull off a world class, user-friendly web application. Our detailed approach insures that our customers know exactly how their system will work before a single line of code is written. view portfolio

Domain Name Solutions

Hotdot understands the complex issues surrounding domains. We'll help you every step of the way in securing your domain, and most importantly, protecting it.


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