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Who runs

A small group of dedicated professionals who are practicing career artists and/or experienced in business.The president and owner is Daryl Tempesta, with a collection of over 1,600 original works to his credit. His past experience includes working as a CEO leading an Internet design group, and was the first chief in-house designer for Huffy Sports .Classically trained, he has a B.A. degree in Fine Arts from the University of Oklahoma.

What's the idea behind

To provide an online gallery which respects and gets the respect of it's customers in a confidential online environment. By definition Hotdot means Best-of-the-Best on the Internet; we find the very best fine art and make it available all levels of affordability. We do this by offering original works and then extending it's availability by offering an assorted range of reproductions. Including easily affordable apparel thru to full size intermediate priced reproductions.

Is Hotdot a store or a gallery

It's an online showcase gallery. We offer works which range from the very traditional, like paintings, sculpture, serigraphy, and photographs to product reproductions using the best available technologies like Giclee and offering designer home goods and apparel made from these original works. Every thing sold at Hotdot, will have been sold here as an an original. This is more of your intimate gallery with custom gift items. It's a model of micro customization founded on a pillar of originality and creativity.


Manifest Destiny

(PN) 1: inescapable intention of the future 2:perceived right of progress

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